Corporate Governance & Proxy Advisory Services

Predyct Analytics takes a different approach to serving its customers from that of its competitors in the fields of consulting, investment banking, and proxy voting & advisory services. Predyct focuses on those issues that are closest to the critical drivers of firm shareholder value. We only focus on those issues that are of the highest strategic importance to companies rather than on every tactical and operational issue. We only focus on tactical and operational issues to the extent that they are of the utmost strategic significance to a firm’s shareholder value—and sometimes they are (See Hewlett Packard Case History C-3). We advise company management, stakeholders and shareholders of a company’s most significant issues based on their current situation using risk and financial technologies that have taken decades to fully develop and that are not easily duplicated. The output of our strategic diagnostics and assessments can be used by:

Review our case histories and see if you agree that Predyct Analytics has provided timely advice to companies well in advance of other advisors, rating agencies, regulators, stakeholders or shareholder actions. Most often, our advice has been provided sufficiently in advance to allow potentially distressed companies to escape their situation or to capitalize on an opportunity.