About Predyct Analytics

We were formerly Seabury Insurance Capital and Seabury Analytic respectively. In April of 2008 we changed our name to Predyct Analytics. For the last 15 years we have continuously demonstrated the ability to predict changes in firm (or project finance) value, ratings, and performance years in advance of conventional rating agencies, securities analysts and better known Wall Street financial advisors and consultants. Our highly prescient corporate diagnostics and forecasts come from the combination of our unique Predyct Decision Framework (PDF). PDF involves very unique technologies that took years to develop: a Top Down shareholder valuation model (SVM) of a company and a Bottom-Up stochastic simulation and mark-to-market valuation of all its assets and liabilities using Predyct ERM (See Enterprise Risk Management). The convergence and integration of these two risk and valuation technologies provide the most robust, complete and predictive forecast for a firm’s future value, rating, and performance. We have a track record of having provided the most contrarian and accurate company forecasts in the industry. Our diagnostics and prescriptions are long range allowing our clients the time to maneuver to capitalize on opportunities as well as to avoid calamities.

Predyct Analytics brings the same exacting level of precision and due diligence to our other practices that includes project finance of all types, alternate risk classes such as timberlands, life extension and actuarial risk, longevity swaps, environmental projects, commodities risk, asset backed securitizations and the valuation of intangible assets and intellectual properties. Our clients include senior corporate management teams, investors and counterparties, rating agencies, regulators and advisory firms who may not specialize in risk, valuation, model and software development but who need these skills and insights to serve and retain their customers. (See "Who We Serve")  Some advisory firms like to tell you what they are capable of doing. We would rather share our actual results. We invite our visitors to review our case histories and determine if Predyct Analytics can be of service to your firm. If you are interested to know how we have been able to develop accurate and actionable forecasts of events years ahead of the market and our competitors, visit “Why We Are Different.