Corporate Valuations & Shareholder Value (Overview)

Predyct Analytics conducts shareholder valuations across industry where it applies its proven shareholder Valuation Model (SVM). Most financial analysis today assesses value based on very primitive peer analysis and conventional measures of financial performance that have very little predictive power (See “Why We Are Different”). Conventional financial analysis today does not:

Without these adjustments Predyct has demonstrated that the conventional measures of financial performance will not explain more than about 40% of a company’s market value variation. Applying Predyct’s SVM framework will result in more than 90% of a company’s market value variation being explained. Why don’t more companies use Predyct’s approach? This is primarily due to the time and expense of this procedure as well as to the technical difficulty of executing this approach. Our approach is completely consistent with modern financial theory. We invite the reader to review our presentation on shareholder value and corporate valuations as well as to review our case histories to see the “Predyct Analytics” difference.