Case Studies

Follow a link to jump directly to a specific risk, valuation and forecast assessment performed by Predyct for a particular client OR scroll down to read all of the assessments. The following case histories are divided into the diagnostic categories Valuation and Growth, Captial Allocation & Adequacy, and Contingent Claims Impact to Shareholder Value. Companies are placed in each diagnostic category according to the discipline most responsible for diagnosing the root cause of corporate opportunity or distress. It should be noted that virtually all of the following analyses were performed using only publically available information.

AIG, Lehman, Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch A large global life insurance company
A large global property and casualty company A large check printing firm
One of the top US banks One of the US’s largest auto insurance companies
One of the largest global diversified financial service corporations A life insurance company being converted from a mutual to a public company
A small Midwest life insurance company that had recently gone public    For the management of one of the largest global life insurance companies   
Hewlett Packard  

Valuation & Growth: